What is Parging?

Parging: What is it and Why is it Important to Maintain?

If you’ve been watching the home shows, then you’ve probably heard the term ‘parging’ a lot. But you may be finding yourself asking what is it and why is it important to maintain? Let’s help you get a better understanding of what parging is and how it can improve your home.   What is Parging? […]


Grout Sealing

Grout Sealing: Why Bother?

Wondering if it’s worth it or really necessary to seal the grout after tiling? Well, since most grout that’s used throughout the different areas of your home – bathroom, kitchen, shower – are cement based and porous, the answer is yes! Although you may find conflicting opinions on this matter, the reality is that any […]


Accessible Design: Kitchen Modifications

Accessible Design: Kitchen Modifications

A kitchen in any home is where the most foot traffic occurs, as we rely on access to vital resources such as food, water, and cooking supplies. Therefore, it is crucial that your kitchen is designed for maximum accessibility and user-friendliness. Here are some helpful modifications that can create such a space.   Work Surfaces […]


5 Simple Home Improvements Projects With a Big Impact

5 Simple Home Improvements Projects With a Big Impact

Looking to take on a few new home improvements that will have a big impact on the appearance and the value of your home? Well, look no further! Here we show you how some modest and simple home improvements can help maximize your value and give your home the facelift it needs.   New Backsplash […]


A Guide to Ontario's Accessibility Renovation Programs

A Guide to Ontario’s Accessibility Renovation Programs

The costs for renovations don’t always have to come solely from your own pocket, especially if you are impaired with a major disability or mobility restrictions. In Ontario, there are a wide variety of accessibility renovation programs that have been implemented to give back to hardworking homeowners everywhere. Here are our top picks for the […]


The Best Handymen Don't Come with an Age Requirement

The Best Handymen Don’t Come with an Age Requirement

Life has a funny way of throwing surprises our way. Whether it is a leaky roof or a new employment opportunity, we never really know what to expect until it happens. The same principle applies to Richard, a retired teacher we recently spoke with about an exciting new career transition. His story is a testament […]


Accessible Design Series: Independent Seniors – Adapting Your Bathroom

Accessible Design Series: Independent Seniors – Adapting Your Bathroom

  For independent seniors living at home, adapting your bathroom to incorporate a more accessible design is often one of the most important adjustments to make. Since the bathroom is generally where most injuries happen among senior populations, performing a few alterations – from minor improvements to larger ones – can allow them to move […]


Accessible Design: Entrance Ways and Doorways

Accessible Design: Entrance Ways and Doorways

  Whether you have an elderly loved one living at home or a loved one with mobility issues, adapting certain areas of the home can be crucial in order to allow them to move around freely and maintain independence and dignity. Areas like entrance walkways and doorways, for example, can be focal areas to adjust […]


Female contractor painting ceiling

Why Female Contractors Rock!

  In an industry that consists predominately of men, the perspective, work habits, and valuable insight a female contractor brings to the table can allow for a stronger and more understanding connection with clients. The end result? A higher quality of a renovation or repair. Here are just some of the many reasons why female […]


Man removing stippled ceiling

Popcorn Be Gone: How to Get Rid of Your Stippled Ceiling

Are you ready to get rid of that unsightly “popcorn” ceiling in your home once and for all? Have you recently purchased a home but want to get rid of the tacky stippled ceiling that should have been left with fanny packs, velour, and scrunchies in the dustbin of history? With this how-to-guide, it’s never […]