Handyman Pricing

How much will my job cost?

At To Do – Done, our professional handymen charge rates between $35 and $55 per hour, depending on the type of work. We perform anything from raking leaves and cleaning out eaves troughs to highly skilled carpentry and home repairs, so the hourly rate depends on the level of skill required. The hourly rate will be clear and transparent when your receive your estimate or when you book your handyman.

Our handymen require a minimum of 4 hours per appointment, except in certain circumstances. The cost of materials will be separated out on your bill, and you will only pay for the materials that are used for your job. For larger jobs that will take more than a few hours, we will provide you with a detailed estimate.

How do I pay?

Upon the completion of work, an invoice will be emailed to you for your review. You can pay your invoice on-line through an interact e-transfer or securely with your credit card right on our website (you can also send a cheque in the mail, old school style!). See your invoice for details on how to pay.

This means you never have the hassle of remembering cash and it’s all processed safely and securely. Also, the invoice that we email to you provides you with our 100% workmanship guarantee in writing.

Can I cancel?

We’re confident that you will fall in love with our handyman services but you are free to cancel at any point up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable, so please just get in touch, and we will try our best to re-schedule you for a more convenient time.

What about Larger Projects?

We can definitely take on larger projects, such as basement renos, bathroom makeovers, or fences and decks. For projects that will take several days or weeks, or several handymen working together, we will provide you with a detailed estimate before the beginning of the project.

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