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Introducing the To Do Done “What If?” Fund

To Do Done Renovations and Handyman Service is Ottawa’s leading residential and commercial supplier of a wide variety of services. We have been blessed to serve as the lead handyman service for the National Gallery of Canada, Bridgehead, Quickie Convenience Stores, Mountain Equipment Co-op and many thousands of residential clients in the past 3 years. Our clients have inspired us in so many ways, whether through overcoming cancer and deciding to creating a gathering space for friends and family in their home, or renovating to accommodate an aging parent with Parkinson’s disease. As a response to the inspiration from our clients, in February 2018, we will launch the To Do Done “What If?” Fund.

The To Do Done “What If?” Fund will use 1% of our revenue to build strength, stability and independence for homeowners or charities in need of renovations and handyman services but are not in the position to pay for them. The funds will be invested in a revolving fund, which homeowners or charities can apply to directly, or can be nominated by friends, neighbours or family.

In our line of business, we see evidence every day of how much homeowners and businesses require the services of a professional to maintain and upgrade their homes and businesses. We are so fortunate to have had so many successful projects, and we want to share our revenue and our skill set with people who need our services the most.

There are so many ways that our services can be used by those in need. Whether it’s recovering from an unforeseen event such as a flood or fire, installing ramps or accessible bathrooms for a family facing mobility challenges, or simply someone facing maintenance expenses that cannot afford them, our “What If?” fund is meant to have a positive impact on the lives that are touched by our repairs. Similar to Habitat for Humanity, we believe that all families deserve a chance at home ownership, but the costs of home ownership don’t end at just mortgage costs. We want our recipients to feel good about their homes, improve their functionality and safety, and be secure.

The name “What If?” conceptually comes from the series of questions faced by our future recipients, such as…

  • What if insurance doesn’t cover the damages?
  • What if we can’t afford our mortgage payment because of these repairs?
  • What if we lose our home?
  • What if we need to sell our home because it is no longer accessible?
  • What if…

We aim to answer those questions with our own: ” What if you didn’t have to ask What if anymore? ”

We know that affordable repairs and upgrades play a critical role in helping our community to create a healthier and more sustainable future, one that’s filled with possibilities and progress. We also hope that our clients will be proud to support a renovation and handyman company who cares deeply for our communities’ well being, and uses our skills, expertise and knowledge to create an impact in the lives of people who need our help.

Please stay tuned to our social media feeds and our website in February, as we launch our first nomination process for our “What If?” Fund. Follow us at Facebook

If you know of a home or business in need of our services that you think would qualify for our ” What If? ” Fund, please let us know! Our nomination criteria will be up on this page in February 2018.

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