Where your home renovations help families in need.

1% of all To Do-Done revenue goes towards helping low-income homeowners in crisis through our What If Fund.

Introducing the

What If Fund

What if you had to choose between making your home healthy or feeding your children?

What if families facing crisis don't have to say what if anymore?

How it works

Every time you choose To Do-Done, you'll be hiring an experienced, kindhearted service professional who gets the job done right. You get to improve your home and check items off your lingering to-do list, all while helping your community. It's simple: 1% of all To Do-Done revenue goes toward helping low-income homeowners in crisis keep their homes safe.

How we help

To Do Done takes 1% of all revenue and donates it to the What If Fund. The What If Fund then uses this money to provide free services to low-income homeowners who won't need to make the choice between making their homes healthy or keeping a roof over their heads.

The What If Fund provides the following services to low-income homeowners in crisis.


Heating and cooling issues

Flood restoration

Mold remediation

And more


Installing doors

Installing grab bars in bathrooms

Functional windows

And more


Improving insulation

Replacing windows

Upgrading old electrical systems

And more

Who can apply?

Learn more about who can apply to be recipients of the What If Fund.

Be part of the movement

Everyone needs a leg up sometimes

To Do-Done clients are a special bunch

Our clients understand that, while they work hard for their money, they've been fortunate in life. This drives their desire to help struggling low-income homeowners by using To Do-Done's services and supporting the What If Fund.

What if you could change a life?